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Cyber Insurance coverage to protect individuals and families

from as little as $120 annually*

* subject to level of cover chosen and Australian State in which you reside

Why do I need Personal Cyber Insurance?

Have you ever wondered

'What would happen if someone accessed my personal photos in the cloud and used them against me?'

'What if someone hacked my bank details?'

'What would I do if my child was cyber-bullied?'

Technology is a huge part of our lives, and surrounds us everywhere we go, even in our homes.

We use the internet on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

We stream the latest tv and movies, and our kids watch their favourite shows over and over again on demand.

We ask a speaker what the weather will be like on Saturday, while our fridge is letting our mobile know that we're almost out of milk, and an AI camera alerts us that our online shopping has just arrived at our front door.

We've got virus protection on our computer... we think our WiFi password is pretty good... and of course we use a pin-code on our phone... but we haven't changed our online banking password for a while... and our teenager doesn't know that their BFF is about to become their online nightmare...

Ultimately, it doesn't matter what precautions you take; none of the 'Internet of Things' that we rely on is 100% secure, and none of us are infallible.

What we are is human

Personal Cyber Insurance | Cyber protection | Teenage girl using laptop for video meeting talking to friends

Personal Cyber Insurance


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'Personal cyber insurance | The smart solution to countering cyber crime'


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'Personal cyber insurance | The smart solution to countering cyber crime'

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